Extend your living space and outdoor area with a state-of-the-art awning. Combining the best European innovation with Australian manufacturing, this is the product you choose when you want the best local product on the market.


Width: 2.5m-8m
Projection: 1.5m-4.5m


5 year installation
5 year manufacturer
10 year fabric



Made in Australia

We have five awning models available to meet your budget and need.

Full cassette folding arm awning – Lyneham, Canberra

Investing in your outdoor space

When investing in an awning you must consider that the weather will test the quality of its engineering on a daily basis. The technology of construction in the awnings three main components becomes vital in the lifespan of your investment.

Helioscreen folding arm awning – Red Hill, Canberra

The Fabric

The awning fabric is 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic meaning that the fabric will never fade, maintaining a beautiful clean finish. This is done through a process called Permaclean which imitates the way that a lotus leaf stays clean by repelling dirt through tiny particles. Your fabric will only ever need a rinse from the rain to stay clean.

Retracted full cassette awning – Lyneham, Canberra

Bonded seams

Each fabric panel is bonded at the joins and using the latest bonding technology (lesser manufacturers will use stitching) to provide a smooth flat join that leaves no light holes for sun or water to penetrate. The bonded seams provide the perfect finish to enable a flat join to reduce wrinkles and puckering in the fabric.

Extended full cassette awning – Lyneham, Canberra

Arm strength

Tested and proven to well over 70,000 full cycles, the Mulitflex 4 cable arm system is the strongest of its kind on the market. With daily use, that is more than a 200 year life span.

Helioscreen awning with drop down blind

Shoulder strength.

The biggest load point on any awning is the shoulder which connects the arms to the wall. Having the strongest shoulder possible is crucial to the longevity of your awning by being able to withstand the rigors of outdoor weather. Our awnings’ shoulders are the strongest available using drop-forged manufacturing.

After a great deal of research we came across the Helioscreen and the fantastic team at Chadwick Designs. The whole process from the initial consultation to their courtesy follow-up after the installation ran like clockwork. The project had a sense of care and craftsmanship-including bespoke brackets, individually powder coated  to match the eaves-and we’re delighted with the result.

Shaun and Viv
Lyneham, Canberra

Awning Details


  • 5 year warranty
  • Maximum projection 4.5m
  • Maximum width up to 8m
  • Optional retractable valance up to 1.6m drop
  • High grade aluminium and stainless steel parts
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Awning pitch can be set between 0 and 40 degrees
  • Rated 6 on Beaufort wind scale
  • 50+ fabric choices
  • 4 manufacturers
  • 4-8 week turn around depending on awning

Somfy Connectivity Options

Somfy is the world leader in window furnishing automation allowing comfort and convenient operation at a push of a button.

  • Motorisation capable
  • Sunis capable sun sensor

Sunis sensor is an outdoor sensor that will adjust your awning position based on the position of sunlight potentially allowing you to control the sun light entering your house.

  • Ondeis rain sensor

Ondeis Rain sensor will retract your awning or sunroof out of harm’s way once rain is detected.

  • Eolis Wind sensor

Eolis wind sensor is an outdoor sensor that will monitor the strength wind gusts retracting your outdoor product to safety once the wind becomes strong enough to create damage.

  • 3D RTS motion sensor
  • Telis 6 Chronis RTS capable Timer

Telis 6 Chronis Timer will allow you to set six different times when your window furnishings will operate. Allowing you to drop or raise your blinds while you’re out of the house to fend off the afternoon sun or open the house to light every morning.